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Selecting the CFA review program that is right for you is a critical decision.  A large portion of worldwide CFA candidates achieve scores that are on or near the borderline between passing and not passing.  The margin between success and failure is slim.  Choose the wrong CFA review program, and you may add a year or more to the amount of time required to earn your CFA charter, or you may never earn it at all.  CFA Institute data reveals that less than 1 out of every 5 candidates who fails the Level I Exam ever bothers to resit for the exam.  RGQ&Co. offers an unsurpassed mix of quality, value, and diversity of learning opportunities and media.  Use this matrix to facilitate your selection of a CFA program.

ConsiderationRGQ&Co. CFA Review ProgramsOther Program?
Instructor's CFA
training experience?
Ron has taught an average of > 15
CFA Programs/year since early 1990s
Instructor's commitment
to your success?
You are taught by the owner
Convenience of location?2Downtown Stamford, CT
Will the course be
No—we have no minimum class size
Ability to make up and
repeat classes?
All classes are archived online and may be reviewed at no cost
Class size?5Classes average 10 students
In-class review notes?Q-Notes6
Self-study materials?Entire family of Schweser products
at discounted prices
No-cost trial?Yes7
Join a class in progress?Yes8
Tuition?$1,099 less any applicable discounts
Discounts?• Group discounts
• Candidates repeating the Exam
• Full-time students
• RGQ&Co. alumni
• Candidates who have withdrawn
from another CFA review program
• Unemployed candidates
• Candidates commuting from New York city, Long Island, New Jersey, Hartford area, and Boston area9
No-cost deferralYes10
Free online classesYou can make up, repeat, and/or review all classes online for no additional cost
Commitment to your
You may reregister for our class for
only $295
Sales forceMore than 85% of our students are
RGQ&Co. alumni or candidates
who they refer

1This is one of the most important considerations in selecting a program—programs are taught by instructors, not institutions.  There is a steep learning curve required for adapting broader knowledge and instruction skills to the unique requirement of CFA exam prep training.  What is the CFA exam prep training experience of the program that you are considering?  Many  organizations promote a program without even naming or contracting with the instructor(s).

2Reduces risk of missing or coming late to class, and facilitates departure.

3Other providers will advertise a course, then cancel it due to insufficient enrollment and attempt to get candidates to enroll in one of their other classes, sometimes leaving candidates without a desirable class if the alternative program that they would have selected is full.

4The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  Success on the exam depends upon being able to score points across the entire curriculum.  Each class is important.

5Conducive for successful learning environment.  Large class size is a common reason for lack of comprehension, reluctance or inability to ask questions, and significant attrition as programs progress.

6PowerPoint presentations to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of live instruction courses.  Most candidates annotate the Q-Notes and use them as their primary "cheat sheets."  Follow the link to obtain Q-Notes excerpt.

7Attend a class at no cost or obligation to experience first-hand what makes our classes unique.  Refer to the December 2016 tab or the June 2017 tab for times and locations.

8Since the CFA Institute has designed the Curriculum so that sessions are not interdependent, and because you can take advantage of our entire family of CFA review programs to make up or repeat sessions at no incremental cost, you can select the program at any time that best meets your scheduling and learning needs.

9Refer to Prices/Register for further information.

10If you decide that you cannot or do not wish to sit for the CFA exam, you may roll over your enrollment to the next Exam period at no cost, provided that you notify us in writing at least 5 weeks prior to the Exam.

11This is an unqualified offer that is not dependent upon meeting a certain attendance requirements, submitting homework assignments, or any other qualifications.

CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by R. G. Quintero & Co.  CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst™ are trademarks owned by the CFA Institute.