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CFA prep courses.

  • CFA Level I Review—December 2017 (Stamford, CT)
  • CFA Level I Review—June 2018 (Stamford, CT)
  • CFA Level II Review—June 2018 (Stamford, CT)
  • CFA Level III Review—June 2018 (Stamford, CT)

Wide range of programs and formats.  RGQ&Co. offers a wide range of CFA Programs in New York and Stamford tailored to meet your scheduling and learning preferences.  They include weekday programs, weekend programs, intensive-review programs, and financial statement analysis programs.

Most experienced CFA instructor.  Ron Quintero has been one of the most active CFA trainers in the world for more than 25 years.  He has run more than 400 CFA review programs, and taught more than 4,000 sessions.  Ron's programs include open-enrollment programs, as well as in-house programs for the world's leading investment banks, commercial banks, money management firms, international monetary organizations, and leading universities.  Besides being a CFA charter holder, Ron has earned 10 professional licenses involving more than 20 examinations, all of which he has passed on the first attempt.

You are taught by the owner.  Ron takes personal responsibility for your success.  He teaches all of the classes.  Each session includes a discussion of substantially all of CFA Institute's Learning Outcome Statements, and is replete with demonstration problems and exercises for participants to do.  All of our CFA candidates can review more than 40 hours on online CFA classes taught by Ron for each of the 3 levels.

Special discounts on Schweser family of products.  We provide our students the Schweser Study Notes for only $289 (vs. $379 + tax retail price), and discounts of 25% to 30% on almost all of the other products published by Schweser.

Q-Notes.  Your in-class experience and review will be enhanced by the Q-Notes, which are condensed notes with highlights, formulas, representative problems, and other useful study aids.  The format of the Q-Notes enables candidates to review an entire session in as little as 15 minutes—repetition leads to mastery.  Many candidates use the Q-Notes as the primary focus of their review.  Follow the link to download an excerpt from the Q-Notes.

Small classes/accessible instructors.  Want a large lecture facility with unapproachable instructors?  Look elsewhere.  The aforementioned is a reason that some candidates find CFA review courses to be a waste of time.  Our classes average 10 participants.  Our instructors are very approachable, and are accessible via telephone, FAX, and e-mail.

Classes in Stamford, Connecticut.  For the convenience of our candidates in New York's we offer CFA Level I review programs for the December CFA exam, and programs all three levels in preparation of the June CFA exam.  We also offer special modules for Financial Reporting and Analysis and Quantitative Analysis.  Our December 2017 Level I class is at the Hotel Zero Degrees.  Our June 2018 Level I and II classes are at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel; our June 2018 Level III class is at the Hotel Zero Degrees.  Proximity to the Stamford train station, coupled with a 44-minute express train from Grand Central Station (34 minutes from 125th Street), make this a viable option for New York candidates who prefer to attend weekend classes.

Free online classes.  Candidates in our weekday and weekend CFA review programs can use the free online classes to make up or review the classes.  Follow along with Ron Quintero and the Q-notes to cement your understanding of the Learning Outcome Statements.

Buyer's assurance plan.  We are so confident in our ability to help you succeed that if you don't pass the Exam, you may repeat the class for $295 so that you can enhance your understanding, refresh your knowledge, and receive updated Q-Notes.

No-cost deferral.  If work or other responsibilities or life events prevent you from sitting for the CFAexam, you can re-register for the same class the next time that it is offered at no cost (you must make this request in writing 6 weeks prior to the CFA exam).

Special discounts and referral fees.  Take advantage of corporate and group discounts of $125/candidate if you sign up with a friend or coworker.  You can also receive a $100 referral fee, and your colleague a $125 group discount, for each additional member who you enroll in your group.  Other discounts include $100 for candidates repeating the Exam; $200 for unemployed candidates, or candidates commuting from New York city, Long Island, or New Jersey; $300 for full-time students; $400 for candidates commuting from the Hartford area; and $500 for candidates commuting from the Boston area.

Attend a session without cost or obligation.  Experience one of our classes and you will learn first-hand why our students have been successful.  Call us at (212) 327-0200 to reserve a seat on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you're unhappy with the course you registered in, join ours.  We will issue you a $100 credit to defray any costs of withdrawing from another program or taking our class to supplement the program that you are enrolled in.

Talk with our sales force—our students and alumni.  More than 85% of our students are alumni or candidates enrolling based on alumni referrals.  We encourage you to talk with others who have taken our courses.

Sign up now and we'll send you the Schweser Study Notes and/or other Schweser products right away.

Further information.  Call us at (212) 327-0200 or request information at q@rgquintero.com.

Registration.  You may register over the telephone by calling us at (212) 327-0200 for Stamford classes, or use the accompanying registration form to register via FAX, email, or U.S. mail.
• RGQ&Co. CFA Review—December 2017—Stamford, Connecticut
• RGQ&Co. CFA Review—June 2017—Stamford, Connecticut
• FAX at (212) 327-0225
• Email at q@rgquintero.com
• Mail c/o R. G. Quintero & Co., 375 Park Avenue, Suite 2607, New York, NY 10152

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