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We are privileged and honored to have trained professionals from virtually every major employer of CFA® candidates in the Metropolitan New York area, as well as numerous individuals working for a a wide range of other companies.  We have also provided in-house training programs at many of these firms, while Ron has been an adjunct professor or guest lecturer at several leading educational institutions in the New York area.  A sample of unsolicited comments that we have received from our students and alumni is provided below.

"I passed! . . . Can't thank you and your staff enough.  I couldn't have done it without your help. . . Looking forward to taking Level II with you next year."

"Hi Ron. . . I am happy to say that I passed Level I!!!  This was my second time taking it so you can imagine how relieved I am.  I was pleased with your review class and the Schweser Study guides.  I especially like the 2 weekend review because it helped to pull everything together.  Thanks again for all your help."

"Your interest in and support of your students is much appreciated.  I can only imagine where I'd be if my university professors had shown a fraction of your enthusiasm."

"Thanks for an action packed weekend. . . I just wanted to let you know that I found the class very helpful with respect to both the materials and the instructors."

". . . What a huge relief!  Thank you for your guidance, insight, and encouragement.  I think your constant reminders about discipline and positive thinking were a great help!"

"What a gorgeous day yesterday was! . . . The test was not as hard as I feared—I actually understood all the questions & had time to finish the lot. . . Met 2 other kids from your class there—so glad I took it—your cheat sheets and personal coaching were so helpful"

"I should have believed you :)  I honestly didn't think a pass was going to happen since I knew nothing about finance before I took your course.  I was absolutely thrilled when I saw my score in FRA since it was my weakest section when I started.  I didn't even know what a balance sheet was back in December!  Thank you for being a wonderful teacher!"

". . . thanks so much for walking me through the unexpected curve balls and idiosyncrasies of the exam.  Fortunately, it all came together just like you said it would."

"Thank you so much.  Your class was the critical difference. . . I also want to thank you for the advice that you have given me about my career."

"I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level 3!!!  Thank you for your help—I think the review course helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference."

"I passed Ron.  Happy to say I passed all three levels consecutively.  Took your course for Levels II and III and found it extremely helpful.  Q-Notes were key as time drew short."

"I passed.  Thanks again for all of your help.  I couldn't have done it without your class."

"I passed my Level I, the classes were great help and I really think you are one of the best CFA teachers available."

"You are a wonderful instructor and definitely should take some credits for your students' outstanding grades."

"I passed :)"

"I want to express my sincere thanks for helping me through the CFA program.  I passed Level III and could not have done it without you.!"

". . . I definitely appreciate your support over the years and know I wouldn't have been able to finish this journey without your help and guidance."